There are moments which deserve to be celebrated with unique jewels, that tell the story of the person that wears them. Satisfy your desire for an exclusive high jewelry item.

You will be a guest in my goldsmith's workshop, I will be happy to show you the secrets of my job.

I will get you engaged in the phases of ideation and creation of your jewel. You will appreciate the characteristics of metals and precious gems with precision tools.

You can wear a preview of your creation with my 3D design and prototyping work. Technological and digital tools, old techniques of the Italian Goldsmith Art will be at your service.

Your purchase will be supplied by an authenticated appraisal and by the gemmological analysis, documents that legally guarantee the value of the investment.

You will live an original experience, that will make your jewel more precious. If you want to know more about my method and jewels, if you want an item that is rare and capable of telling a story, your story, contact me or come to see me.