Would you like a personalised, guaranteed authentic, bespoke jewel? Do you want ultimate influence on the final result? You are in the right place!


Welcome to my laboratory!
I invite you to personally experience my working method, either in person or online from your home.
It is my absolute pleasure to be your host! I will demonstrate to you all the phases of the creation of your jewel, in which you can assist personally. It will be a unique experience, an exchange: you will tell me your story and I will show you mine.
This is what I call the Jewel Experience.


We will begin with your personal story, your images, drawings, rhymes or anything which you wish to influence your bespoke jewellery. We will identify a unique style, the specific shapes, the processing techniques for your creation and the precious gems with which you will enhance it. We can also consider the use of gems already in your possession, such as ancient family jewellery, worn or broken.

At this point, the 3D design process will begin. You can follow this process personally thanks to online video-communication and screen sharing programs.
I will model the virtual jewel in real time and we will evaluate the different technical and stylistic solutions together, including the combination of colours between metals and precious gems. In this way, it will also be possible to predict the general costs of the creative project.
Once you have approved the project, we will move on to the next phase.


Once the three-dimensional model is obtained with the computer, it will be possible to elaborate a high resolution virtual image, to simulate the real object in the finest of details, in shape, light, colour, transparency and with the peculiarities of the surfaces such as gloss or satin finishing. Following the static image, comes the processing of a virtual rendering; a 360 ° reproduction of the desired Jewel.

You will then receive a preview of your jewel in real size, a three dimensional resin prototype, directly to your home or office.
You are then free to wear it and evaluate it as a whole. You will thus be able to confirm or reconsider stylistic and techniques changes that best meet your desires.
After your final approval, it will be possible to move on to the actual creation of your bespoke Jewel.


This part of the work also takes place within my workshop and requires the use of the techniques and instruments typical of the artisan goldsmith's art.
I personally provide for the creation of every jewel, the engraving and setting of precious stones and diamonds, guaranteeing specific delivery times.
Even during this delicate and complex phase you can be present and have the opportunity to assist in the setting of precious gems that you will have chosen or supplied.
You will choose to gift yourself a Jewelry Experience by participating in person in the making of your Jewel.​
All this because you can be in close contact with the charm of the goldsmith's art, discover its secrets and at the same time have the guarantee of total transparency.


Before delivering the jewel there is a short phase that I dedicate to your training.
We will use my technical equipment to closely observe the technical details of your Jewel and of your precious Gems, this can also be conducted online. It will be an opportunity to learn to recognize the characteristics of your "state of the art” made jewel.
I will show you how to verify and recognize the authenticity through a gemological analysis. I will illustrate the national regulations related to identification marks, veritable instruments of guarantee and authenticity of stones and precious metals.
I will draw up, in your presence, an authenticated Appraisal with a Certificate of Ownership.

At the end of this phase your jewel, accurately refined, is ready to be delivered to your chosen address.
A unique and custom ring, bracelet, pendant, with its own unrepeatable story to tell and hand down to future generations, will be ready to be given to you or your loved one.